Balloon Carbon USB heated seat cushion




Patented Heated Wire

It is a patented heated wire cushion for safe and warm use.

Safety Certification

The USB heated cushion is certified with electrical safety certification.

Made in Korea

The USB heated cushion is made in Korea.



  • Uses the world’s first patented carbon heating wire

It is a thermal wire coated with polyester fabric woven with carbon and has excellent tensile strength and can be used safely and warmly without potential breakage.

  • 6W Technology

Power consumption is 6W, free of charge when connecting to a computer, a car or cheap price of electricity bills when using an adapter.

  • DC Electric, DC 5V

In principle, there are no electromagnetic waves or electromagnetic fields in DC electricity, and it can be used safely in low temperature burn, fire etc. at low voltage.


  • Weaving polyester fabric on carbon and coated heat wire for safe and warm use with excellent tensile strength.
  • Power consumption is less than 1/5 compared to conventional household bulbs (40W) with 6W of power consumption.
  • Computer connections, vehicle connections , Portable battery connections.
  • DC 5V electricity use.
  • DC electricity is not only free of electromagnetic waves and electric fields in principle, but it can be safely used in Low temperature burns,fires, etc.
  • With a low power of 6W, 10,000 mAh portable batteries can be used for approximately 7 hours.
  • 38cm X 38cm X 1cm

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Beige, Grey, Navy, Wine


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