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  • STEADY: Re-design of the traditional AB wheel in a triangular frame, dual wheels and larger size back wheel, provide greater stability than normal AB roller. Reduce risk of injury, perfect choice for veterans and beginners.
  • PORTABLE: Detachable and foldable design. Makes the AB Wheel Compact and Portable. Very Convenient for Traveling and storage.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: All in One Exercise Device, Works for Your Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Abdominal, and Core.
  • DURABLE: High quality ABS and Aluminum material can support and accommodate significantly large body weights and high BMI.


  • The AFIT AB SLIDE has steel handles providing the ultimate in stability, performance and durability. The handles are encased with a thick foam material enhancing user comfort and ease of use.
  • It has a durable 2 wheel mechanism that can support and accommodate significantly large body weights and high BMIs. The 2 wheel system allows the user to roll the wheel easily and comfortably linearly and at multiple angles.
  • Double wheel for smooth functionality and balance easily tones & tightens not only the core abdominal muscles but also the shoulders and arms. Rolling the wheel easily targets the upper
    arms and forearms. Maximum effect is achieved with changes in direction and variation of wheel angles when rolling. Results can best be achieved with regular and consistent usage.
  • It also provides a broad, sturdy base to prevent user slippage and subsequent injury. The wheels are made of high quality TPR material with lines which allows for product longevity and high performance



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Dimensions 190 × 105 × 220 mm


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