Bidet World Electronic Warm Water Bidet Q-7100 with Remote


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A modern toilet hygiene – have you heard of bidets?

One of the most significant yet neglected cleanliness is anal hygiene. Having a bidet in New Zealand is uncommon but it is something that everyone should consider for you and your loved ones.

Many take their bowel condition lightly which may cause various health issues. Typically, 8 out of 10 people have health problems with haemorrhoids and constipations.

Bidet world’s product has a number of vital functions that could help prevent/ease the pain and improve your bathroom experience.

The three warming system (water, seat and air) provides an optimal temperature and environment for your body to relax and elevate your bathroom experience. Conveniently adjust the settings with a built in remote. The signature cleaning function of the twin nozzle

will move back and forth, to thoroughly and effectively clean your delicate areas without the use of toilet papers.

Experience this versatile product that benefits our world and your health.


  • Weight: 8kg
  • Dimension: 58x53x20cm
  • Standard no: Watermark ATS 5200.051:2005


– Cleansing function

  • Instant heating system: increases blood circulation, reduce pain and creates smoother bowel movement.
  • Air pump
  • Wash: Able to wash lumps of blood – thorough clean for the sensitive wrinkles of the rectal area.
  • Nozzle Move
  • Massage
  • Bubble cleansing
  • Twin nozzles
  • Turbo (enema wash)

– Hygienic functions

  • Purifying filter
  • Deodoriser
  • Ultraviolet Sterilisation
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning

– Comfortable and convenient functions

  • Infrared remote control
  • Illumination
  • Etiquette tune
  • Kids-friendly
  • Warm air drying system
  • Variable heated seat
  • Anti-slam lid
  • Variable air temp
  • Bidet detachment

– Safety functions

  • Occupied seat sensor
  • Power on/off
  • Self-diagnosis system
  • Anti-burn function
  • The frost protection

  Ceramic toilet is not included with Bidet


In the following cases, you must consult a plumber or us before placing your order.
★ if your toilet’s water tank is placed behind the wall
★ if the size of your toilet seat is bigger or smaller than the standard size of New Zealand toilet seat
★ if the shape of your toilet seat is not a round shape

This product must be installed in accordance with AS/NZ 3500.1. which requires provision of a high hazard backflow prevention device (not supplied).

This requirement is subject to local authority inspection. Please consult with your local plumber prior to installation.



Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions580 × 530 × 200 mm
Standard No.

Watermark ATS 5200.051:2005