Changsin Refrigerator Pocket container 6.5L 9P Set


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Cooked side dishes, food ingredients, etc. can be freely placed in a transparent container and stored in a stack
Simple and stable design cleans up the complexity of the refrigerator and helps you prepare convenient dishes in your busy daily life

  • Safe material for safe use
    Storage of a space-friendly module system
  • It has a stackable design, so it is stacked as needed to help with a stable and clean arrangement without shaking
    The transparent body allows you to see the contents, so you can easily take them out of the refrigerator or shelf
  • U-shaped floor surface to maintain freshness
    It reduces contact with food ingredients while frozen, preventing them from sticking to the floor and maintaining freshness
  • Flexible lid and hard case for safe use
    It is made of LDPE material that is resistant to temperature changes and shocks, so it can be opened and closed smoothly even when frozen
  • Don’t worry about using it in the microwave
    When using the microwave, open and close the lid and use it within 3 minutes
  • It’s more convenient and safe
    Put the date and name of the food on the sticker to make it easier to recognize the food and to store it more hygienically
  • 3p ( 240 ml) , 3p ( 650 ml) , 2p ( 1000 ml) , 1p ( 1800 ml)

If the contents exceed 80% of the container during refrigeration storage, the volume may increase and the contents may overflow, and the freezer is heavily frosted
Be careful because the seal may be released due to external moisture


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Dimensions 250 × 250 × 250 mm



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