Cladin Big Cube Fry pan and Wok set


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The pleasant conversations you have with your loved ones while eating fresh food makes the table a wonderful place. We help you to enjoy cooking in order to make the most delicious dishes.

  • Based on Korean CladTack’s clad metal technology. Triple stainless steel structure keeps the food warmer for longer through excellent thermal conductivity.
  • Hexagon and dot pattern design allows for excellent scratch protection.
  • Fantastic design on the handles allows for great hygiene that leaves no residue after washing.
  • Extremely practical use. It can be used in many heat sources such as induction, gas, highlighters and hot plates.

World-class premium material called ‘triple clad metal’

High thermal conductivity, excellent hygiene, fantastic durability to ensure its long life, aesthetically pleasing and people-friendly
The stainless steel 304 is hygienic and corrosion resistant, commonly used in the medical field.
Triple Clad Metal is far superior compared to the industry standard single clad design. It ensures hygiene, is long-lasting and has fantastic thermal conductivity.


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 500 × 350 × 200 mm


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