COOLSSHA Electric toothbrush 7D Premium (Rose gold)




Merits of 7D Premium Type Electric Toothbrush

It is an international patented technology which is two brushes remove the plaque at back and front, left and right of the teeth, and between cervical parts (gaps between teeth and gum). At the same time, center brush cleans occlusal surface of the molar.

Please feel neat and cool sense of feeling with left and right (reciprocation) together with rotational (sweeping down) movement. Bristles contact the narrow gap between the teeth and gum with 45 degree angle, while the bristles are rotating at the same time.

The technology and functions of Electric toothbrush COOLSSHA!

Two rotating bristles reciprocate max.1,648 times per minute and rotate max.340 times per minute. Center brush realizes ideal tooth brushing with max.824times reciprocating movements.

Be amazed for such a freshness and neatness!

The characteristics of COOLSSHA are you can feel fresh brushing inside and outside of the teeth, the occlusal surface of molar and even to the end of wisdom tooth with two rotational bristles, and three bristles include a center brush.

3 Step Rotational Mode

The first time press is low speed mode, the second time press converts into high speed mode and the third time press is stop. Please select the proper rotational mode for yourself.

The Secret of 45 degree, reciprocating and even sweeping down

Please feel fresh and neat sense of feeling every day due to rotational bristles contact the connection part of the teeth and the gum with 45 degree angle, while reciprocate and sweep down.

  • Components : Charger, Brush Cleaning Tool, Two refill brushes
  • The products are approved by 4~13 years’ old children’s common safety standard.


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