Cuckoo Nello Air Shower & Pet Dryer ND-A0609FG


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Introducing CUCKOO’s brand new pet line: featuring products that will make the life of a pet owner even more enjoyable and convenient than it already is while never sacrificing style or functionality!
Our newest technological wonder, the NELLO Air Shower & Pet Dryer, can dry off your pet in record time and clean debris and dirt off their fur effortlessly. With vast yet user-friendly digital controls and a voice navigation system offered in English and Korean, cleaning Fido has just become a contemporary, luxurious experience.

  • Air Shower mode
  • Training Guide included
  • Detachable parts for easeness of cleaning
  • Filtered Air
  • Voice gudie

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Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 450 × 690 × 520 mm



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