Dimchae Maman Vertical Type 418L – Kimchi Refrigerator


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Maman is composed of a upper swing door and a double drawer of lower part.

The existing refrigerator has a vague boundary for storing processed foods and groceries, which makes it difficult to taste the original flavor because of the mixed smells of foods.

On the other hand, it consists three different rooms so that the users are able to keep foods separated in categories. In each room, two airtight cube-containers are provided for various uses of environments and continence. The transparent cover prevents cold loss and the 96mm door cross section makes effective savings of energy possible. We reinterpreted with modern perspectives the well-balanced lines that could be found on Asian art culture.

Maman emphasizes the feminine beauty by combining the flow of traditional and delicate line. By applying the proximity sensor, the welcome lighting and display is activated when the user accesses in regular scope from the refrigerator, arousing the modern sensitivity with warm communion between the user and product. Never less “smart home system” is loaded which users can check how to storage food and ingredients by using Smartphone apps.

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Weight130 kg
Dimensions950 × 755 × 1970 mm
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AS/NZS 60335.2.24:2010 Inc A1, AS/NZS 60335.1:2011 Inc A1-3