Domus Rovani Tumbler Red Metal 350ml


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As it is made of 304 Stainless Steel, it is harmless for human body and sanitary.

With wide bottle neck, it is easy to put ice cubes in.

It is comfortable for mountaineering or leisure, and it is convenient for portable water bottle.

Keeping heat : During cold outside winter activity, it is good to use when you want to drink hot coffee.

Keeping coolness: On hot summer weather, it is good to use when you want to drink ice-coffee.

As it is one touch, it is convenient, and as it has dual lock, it is safe.

Keeping heat and keeping coolness effect is basic.

Domus Tumbler is convenient to carry

It is possible to easily carry in the office or during mountaineering, leisure or activity.

It is better than using a paper cup in the office.

  • As it is smaller and slimmer than general thermos bottle, it is good to put homemade mixed-grain powder or vegetable juice in it.

As all of its inside is made of the highest quality 304 stainless steel. It doesn’t make any rust or discolor and it is also very shock-resistant.

  • One-touch button

With an opening and closing method by one-touch button, it is convenient to use, and by using separate cap, it reduced its heat loss as much as possible.

  • Separation of inside cap

By separating inside cap, as its washing is simple, it is possible to make sanitarily semi-permanent use.

Cautions during using product

  1. When you put boiled water, please wait for one minute until steam goes out and close it with a stopper.
  2. In case of shaking mug or carrying it at the state that its stopper is closed immediately after putting boiled water, there might be some danger for its stopper to go out off due to increase of steam pressure and for its contents to be erupted.

Therefore, you should be careful.

  1. Don’t put strong impact.
  2. After using it, please keep it after drying it completely for prohibiting water from remaining on its stopper and in the inside of mug cup.
  3. When washing, please don’t put it into water for a long time.


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