Egojin Foldable Indoor Bike – LP125


Increased muscle strength and cellulite removal



Do you need a bike that possesses the same features as most cardio bikes you find in most modern gyms?

Need a bike that offers you a chance to get a complete cardio workout but occupying a small space in your home or office? You can now work away the unwanted pounds, stay fit, tone your body and you get to do all these at your comfort with the Egojin Foldable Indoor Bike – LP125

This is one compact bike that gives you an incredible workout experience. The Egojin Foldable Bike is an excellent choice for saving space and getting satisfaction. Have you been considering the issue of getting a bike that would be fit for your indoor cycling but you have not decided on which bike will suit you and will help you get desired results? Or probably you are tired of having to buy different bikes that turn out to be the wrong option. This Egojin Foldable Bike review will ease that challenge and help you make concrete decisions you will not have to regret.



Before you go paying cash at the store or online, there are things you need to put into consideration before actually clicking or pushing that button

The cost: You want to ensure that it does not go way beyond your budget.

How well will it serve you: You do not want to make a purchase, only to realize that it easily gets damaged.

What do I want: You have to be clear on the purpose for which you intend to use the bike for and achieve.


Features and Benefits

The Egojin foldable bike provides you with eight different levels of cardio magnetic resistance that provides you with smooth and action control. The magnetic resistance is manually controlled to help you choose your level of difficulty. For beginners, it is always advisable to start at the easy level before going to the hard or medium. Therefore, you can say this is one bike, which accommodates any user expert or beginner.

Designed with a seat that is easily adjustable (height) and its gripped pedals give you total control and a basket cage that you no longer have to about slipping off the bike.


Great for Cardio Workouts

Start the process of strengthening the muscles around your legs and burning fat with this Egojin Foldable Bike. It is designed with an odometer to help you keep track of your speed, distance and the amount of calories burned to keep you informed if you are making progress or not.


Foldable and portable

It is also portable and easy to store. You do not have to worry about space as this home exercise bike can be stored conveniently. All you have to do is to fold the bike once you are done with your workout for the day and put it away – in the closet, garage or wherever you deem fit.


Screen Interface

Designed with a computer display that shows you, your speed, distance, time and lets you keep track of pounds shed or calories burned, making it easy for you to detect or know if you are making progress or not.


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