Egojin Foldable Indoor Bike – LP125


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Get your dream body in your living room!

Exercise is great for your mind and body. It gives a boost of confidence and benefits your lifestyle. Many of us opt for at-home workouts to suit our schedule. It’s more convenient, time-efficient and money saving.

Egojin’s foldable indoor bike is compact, lightweight and space friendly. It provides 8 different levels of cardio magnetic resistance with smooth action control. The magnetic resistance is manually controlled to challenge your levels. Cleverly built with magnetic drums and 2 way dual pulley, the device is silent. You can fully entertain yourself with your music or tv without distracting anyone.

Designed with a seat that is easily adjustable with gripped pedals, you are on your way to improve and tone your physical appearance in the comfort of your living room. Doesn’t the idea of pedalling away in front of your television tickle your fancy?

Small spaces will appreciate this portable device. With its convenient foldable design, you can easily store away in your closet, garage or in any narrow space.

Keep your records in check. Utilize the digital display and keep track of your speed, distance and time. Enjoy witnessing the number of calories burnt during every cycle to motivate you.



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Weight 16.3 kg
Dimensions 420 × 190 × 1170 mm


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