Egojin Indoor Rowing Machine RW400


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The best full-body exercise for Cardio + Strength + Weight loss.

Rowing exercise is not just a simple arm exercise using the row (handle),but it is a full-body exercise that involves upper and lower body movements and provides cardiovascular benefits.
It is the best exercise for weight loss, burning up to 470kcal per hour.

  • Adjustable Display panel
  • Long handle 560mm length
  • Tablet holder and cup holder
  • Magnetic drum method
  • Comfortable Footrest
  • Wide and comfortable saddle seat
  • Smooth sliding with three saddle rollers
  • Operating range of 780mm rail length
  • Convenient Mobility wheels
  • Quietly and noiselessly even until late at night.
    With a low-noise magnetic drive system, you can exercise without worrying about noise or vibrations even late at night.
  • A strength-adjustable lever that allows for systematic exercise
    With 1-8 levels of adjustable strength, everyone from beginners to experts can engage in systematic exercise according to their own workout style.
  • Exercise data that can be easily checked
    Pressing the selection button allows you to easily check exercise data such as time, count, calories and revolutions per minute,
    and you can place it in a convenient location according to your body position.
  • Adjustable monitor stand
    The monitor stand can be moved up and down and forward and backward, allowing you to conveniently adjust it according
    to your body position for comfortable use.
  • Phone holder
    There is a holder on the top of the monitor where you can easily place your mobile phone, allowing you to enjoy your workout while watching videos.
  • Wide handle for a realistic rowing experience
    To provide a more comfortable workout,the Neo-Prene wide handle has adopted a 560mm wide handle for more comfortable exercise.
    (*Upgraded from the previous 400mm handle to 560mm.)
  • Overlapping handle designed to fit shoulder width
    The handle of the RW400 is designed based on actual adjustments,with a sufficiently long overlapping handle that allows you to exercise in the actual adjusted posture.
  • A high-strength rail made of a smooth and slippery material.
    The rail is made of Q235 steel material,which has higher strength than aluminum, providing excellent durability. The rail is 780mm long, allowing for a larger range of motion.
  • Smooth and stable movement with 3 rollers
    The smooth rollers equipped with bearings and the wide,cushioned seat similar to a recumbent bike
    provide a comfortable exercise experience even during extended workout sessions, without any discomfort.
  • Wide and adjustable footrest for comfortable use
    The wide and adjustable foot pedals can be used in free size, and they have a grid non-slip pattern.
    The buckle strap that wraps around the foot ensures that the feet are securely fixed even during intense workouts.
  • Double Buckle Strap
    The foot fixation strap is buckle-type, which is easy to attach and detach, and the length can be easily adjusted.
    The strap position can be adjusted according to the size of the feet


  • Size : 1690 x 565 x 775 mm
  • Rail Size : 60 x 990 x 40 mm
  • Weight : 20.5kg
  • Usage Weight up to 110kg
  • Colour : Grey


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Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 985 × 250 × 570 mm



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