Egojin mini Bike M2


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Egojin Mini Bike M2

The Egojin Mini Bike M2 is a small and simple machine that allows you to exercise your arms and legs. Apart from pedaling, you can also engage your arms, shoulders and upper back. The single-button computer shows the following training data: calories, total revolutions, revolutions per minute or time. You can pedal forward as well as backward, engaging different muscle groups. The pedaling direction does not have an impact on the training data.

Using the manually operated regulation knob, you can adjust the machine’s resistance to your needs. The anti-slip legs provide stability. Moreover, they can also be folded up, as a result of which the machine takes up almost no space when not in use. The Egojin Mini Bike M2is suitable for persons with limited mobility, poor balance or those with problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle.


  • Exercise Your Arms and Legs

This machine allows you to exercise your legs, arms, shoulders and back

  • Folding Structure

You can put the machine pretty much anywhere when you are not using it

  • Single Button Operation

The screen shows number of revolutions, time of exercise or calories burned

  • Smooth Resistance Adjustment

By turning the regulation knob, you can adjust the resistance to your needs


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Dimensions410 × 150 × 310 mm


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