Egojin Roller Squat Machine


Increased muscle strength and cellulite removal



  • Superior Lower body management
  • Increase in muscle strength and Cellulite removal at once
  • Increased muscle strength with a dynamism adjustment system
  • The ankle sponge wraps tightly around your ankle so you can exercise without shaking.
  • The calf sponge supports the calf vertically to maintain correct posture.
    Massage function is added to the lower frame with the roller attached to the auxiliary frame.
  • Three pairs of rollers mounted on the sub frame are gently massaged from the waist to the hip in response to movement, which is effective for cellulite removal.
  • Sub frame with rollers also helps to squat, but it also acts as a sturdy support when seated. This allows a variety of applications such as sit-ups and stretching.
  • Three intensity control bands can be attached and detached to adjust the degree of difficulty of movement.



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