Egojin Spin Bike 201S




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Using a quiet magnetic drum, the padaling is quiet and smooth
Magnetic magnetism allows for intense training and produces less noise than friction-enhancing types.

  • It brings out the atmosphere of the house with two sophisticated colors
  • It has a stable triangular frame structure, making it sturdy
  • Robust 3pcs Crank, Strong and Unshakable in Motion
  • All-in-one body frame design for safety
  • Premium saddle with a good cushion
  • A comfortable handle grip
  • Advanced Spinning Clipless Pedal
  • Easy strap length adjustment
  • Mobile cradle
  • Step 11 Adjust Saddle Height
  • Step 6 Adjust Handle Height
  • wheels for easy movement for store
  • Size : 1135 x 504 x 1320 mm
  • Weight : 35kg
  • Usage Weight up to 100kg
  • Usage Height 148~195 cm
  • Wheel Weight : 6kg
  • Blake Pad : Magnetic

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 250 × 740 × 540 mm



Grey, Green


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