Egojin Squat Machine 1831




Best Cost-Effective Product!

Great Price, Excellent Quality, Sturdy frame with high durability and Puffy Sponge for protecting pain or soreness when you workout.

Wake your sleeping muscles!

EGOJIN Squat Machine helps to retain the right posture when you do squat exercise by fixing your feet and calves tightly.

Sturdy frame

The body frame (1.4T) and the footrest frame (3.2T) provide excellent durability, and they are restistant to external impact.

Perfectly Retain Your Posture with Dual-structured Sponge

The dual-structured sponges retaining the calves and have grooves in the middle of it which helps to work out without pain and easy to ventilate the air. Also, it is easy to replace when the sponge is worn out.

Adjustable the height according to the user’s body condition

In order to do stable exercise, the users should fix their ankle tightly without being shaken of the ankle. So, we adopted the up-and-down vertical way system to retain the ankle completely.

More functions

To have more effective exercise result, more functions were added in the machine such as push-ups and band exercises.




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