Foam Foam Flower Bebemusk Refill 250ml


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Foam Foam Flower Bebemusk Refill

  • Natural Origin Component Colour Bubble Wash flower soap (Bathroom, kitchen, office.)
  • No artificial colouring + No artificial flavouring + Add natural-originated pigments and natural essential oils
  • Skin non irritation Natural-derived ingredient
  • EWG Green Grade Ingredients
  • Coconut-derived surfactant, safe ingredient
  • Use of natural pigments from gardenia extract
  • Slightly Acidic Formula
  • Colour bubble paint that even children who don’t want to wash enjoy bathing!
  • The soft touch of bubbles and natural colour sensitivity help the development of five senses in growing children.
  • Contains Essential Oils
  • Made in KOREA

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Foam Foam Flower


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