Fort IH Pot 24cm


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Fort Ceramic Coating Cookware
Fort Pot is convenient because it can be used not only in gas stoves but also in induction.
Powerful durability and stylish wood handles make it look luxurious.
The stainless steel handle connection is riveted and strong.

  • A floor made by the fiord method
    The muddy bottom surface reduces the area where food touches the floor. Use it with a strong nonstick surface coating.
  • Luxurious wooden handle
    The wooden handle with a simple design has a vintage look that makes the kitchen luxurious.
  • Powerful durability
    It is 3.3T thick, resistant to scratches and wear, and has excellent thermal retention and thermal conductivity for fast cooking.
  • Nontoxic Silicone Pot Lid
    A glass lid made of transparent glass makes it easy to see how food inside is cooked.
  • Size : 24 x 24 x 12.5cm

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Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 253 × 141 × 342 mm


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