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Patented electromagnetic shielding heating element structure
It is an EMF-certified product that uses GLUHWEIN’s patented electromagnetic wave blocking wire and is a safe product that can be used safely without worrying about electromagnetic waves.


Using new material soft sponge

The cushion and volume are good by using new material (SOFT SPONGE),

Heat rays are hardly felt and the product is less wrinkled.

Smart timer function

If you set the desired time from 1 to 12 hours, the power is automatically turned off for convenient use.


8 hour timer function

Equipped with an 8-hour timer, you can use it conveniently and safely.

Auto power off after 15 hours

GSS (GLUHWEIN SAFETY SYSTEM) is a GLUHWEIN safety system that automatically shuts off after 15 hours of operation.

Six safety system


The GLUHWEIN electric blanket adopts a six-fold safety system (6SS) to prevent overvoltage and automatically cut off the power when overheated.

IC circuit blocking function


The power is cut off automatically in case of overheating or hot wire abnormality due to the precise temperature control function of current fuse, SCR and IC circuit.

Overheat malfunction detection

When you lie down using a fine heating wire with a thickness of about 2mm, there is less back strain, and if overheating or malfunction is detected, the power is automatically cut off.

Economical power saving product

Using new technology, the power consumption has been significantly lowered. It is a smart product that can be used economically without worrying about electricity.

Electromagnetic interference test and electrical safety certified products

It can be used safely with electromagnetic interference test and electrical safety certification.


Antibacterial treatment

GLUHWEIN electric blanket can be safely used from bacteria by adding antibacterial treatment to cotton fabric.


GLUHWEIN’s unique design and material

Sensual design

From simple colors to stylish patterns in brilliant colors, please feel the little happiness in the blanket with the unique design of GLUHWEIN.

Clean round finish


The design and quality are further enhanced by the sturdy stitching and the clean round finish to the edges.

Ultrasonic heat compression seamless system

Unlike the existing electric yaw, there is no loosening, and the movement of the heating wire and cotton can be used for safer and more comfortable use.

Premium cotton material with less skin irritation


The fine cotton fabric makes it slip-free and feels soft and cozy.

Radon measurement confirmation fabric test report

GLULHWEIN electric blanket can be used with confidence because “Radon”, a group 1 carcinogen designated by the International Cancer Research Center, and highly toxic formaldehyde are not detected.


It is possible to wash water with GLUHWEIN’s unique method and waterproof heating wire.

The GLUHWEIN electric blanket is manufactured by the compression method in which the heating wire and the cotton are fixed, so it is possible to wash the water.


Built-in multi-safe storage bag for safe storage at home or camping

When stored in a safety storage bag, the product can be stored without rolling around, so the heating wire is not bent, so it is safe to store the product with less strain on the product.

Size : 200 X 140 cm

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 480 × 120 × 450 mm



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