GLÜHWEIN Indoor Heating Tent Single


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This is a tent made out of high-grade cotton material that prevents loss of internal warmth.
If you use this tent with an electrical blanket, you can experience a totally different warmth due to the effect of raising the temperature of a space.

Groundbreaking Reduction of Heating Cost

If the electric blanket and heating tent are used together,the temperature of the sleeping space may be raised by 4 to 9°C. Hence, even if you turn off
the boiler before going to bed, the temperature of 22~24℃ suitable for sleeping can be maintained throughout the sleeping hours.

  • Reliable CVC (Chief Value Cotton) fabric
  • 100% made in Korea! 67% cotton + 33% polyester
  • CVC stands for “Chief Value Cotton” and refers to a blended yarn fabric made of cotton as its main material.

While cotton has good warmth and ventilation, it gets wrinkled easily and shrinks when washing. The fabric that supplemented these disadvantages is cotton blend. Furthermore,
the fabric that has designed the optimum warmth and ventilation by increasing the ratio of cotton is GLÜHWEIN fabric. GLÜHWEIN fabric provides a cozy feel with a soft touch and has
appropriate air permeability for a comfortable life as a breathing fabric.
Cotton (100%) – CVC (more than 50% cotton) – T/C (more than 50% Poly)

Washable and usable in all seasons

This product can be used in all seasons; Warm heating tents in winter; cool mosquito nets in summer (separately purchased); and picnic tents in spring and fall. And this product is easily washed
with a washing machine. Hence, any dirt such as foreign substances stained in the course of daily use can be cleaned easily and quickly.

  • Size : 200W X 115D X 125H
  • Colour : Grey


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Dimensions 170 × 160 × 680 mm



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