Happycall Synchro Double Side Frypan Jumbo Grill


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Happycall Synchro Double Pan Jumbo Grill

Graphene exterior

  • Synchro double pan’s exterior is completed with an innovative nano-material called ‘Graphene’
  • It’s 200 times stronger than steel and 24 times faster in thermal conductivity than diamond

Smart and prefect separation

  • It is to be separated only at an angle of 43.5 degree which makes your cooking safe

Available in all heat sources

  • It can be used on the all heat sources like induction cooker,Highlight,Hotplate and Gas-stove


The Happycall Double Side Pan allows easy and convenient flipping.

FDA approved with a silicone seal to lock in moisture for juicier and more tender food while preventing unwanted smoke and smells. Perfect for steak, fish, omelettes, baked potatoes, roasted vegetables and more.

Imagine frying fish and steak without oil splattering and smoke.

Easy built-in magnetic on the handle to keep two halves shut. Made with quality and tough non-stick coating.

Since Happycall invented Double Pan there are thousands of imitation in the market, only an authentic Happycall Double Side Pan guarantee the best quality and durability.


Internal and external certifications

  • The pressure-baking device is patented. (Patent No. 03501858)
  • The patent has been registered in the U.S and Japan.
  • The silicone-packing device uses harmless special silicon is used that passes the FDA test in the U.S


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 455 × 285 × 60 mm


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