Hutech Massage Chair Kai SLS9 Sonic Wave


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KAI SLS 9 – The beginning of the newness. Beyond the existing value.


Opening of a new world of Sonic Wave

  • A new concept of sound vibration massage that transcends the limit of physical massage gives more impression than imagination.
  • Provides a completely new concept of massaging in which the straightness and waves of the sound waves beneficial to the body are transmitted more smoothly and deeply into the body.


High-elasticity Massage Ball

  • Uses a high elasticity massage ball to enhance the massage felling which provides a feeling of a massage by hand.


Backrest Massage Unit

  • High-strength design for enhanced durability provides more powerful massage.

Sonic Wave Massage Unit

  • The magnetic circuit, exclusive for sonic wave massage, allows you to experience a new concept of massage.

Hyper S Frame

  • Unlike conventional S-frame with only curved line of neck and hips, the ergonomic frame design adopts the line of human lumbar spine as it is, which provides a tight massage feeling with less burden on the back.


Long L Type Frame

  • You can meet the frame of the most advanced massage chair.

Powerful and delicate air pressure from head to toe

  • 2 Powerful Air-pumps
  • 17 Air Valves
  • Fantasy harmonies made of 111 air cells

3 Stages of Zero Gravity Posture

  • The dispersion of weight applied to the seat provides the most comfortable posture.


Key Specifications/Special Features

  • Sonic wave massage system (World’s first technology)
  • Music sync + sonic wave massage program (play by cell phone with stereo speaker)
  • 21 Auto massage programs, 6 sonic wave massage programs.
  • Sliding function for save the back space.
  • Hyper SL-frame back massage system.
  • Hutech Body Leveling System (HBLS), Auto body scanning system.
  • Air pressure massage with 111 pieces of air-cell by dual air pump.
  • Leg automatic length adjustment.
  • 6 manual massage (kneading/ tapping/ dual action/ knocking/ finger-pressing/ rolling) and head massage.
  • Rolling massage on calf and foot.
  • Heating on waist/calf/foot.

Additional information

Weight 99 kg
Dimensions 1520 × 680 × 870 mm



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