IH Vacuum Pot Glass Lid - 20

IH Vacuum Pot Glass Lid – 20


20cm , 2.9L

Aluminum,Bakelite,Silicon vectra ES401 LCP,Stainless Steel ST304

Alumite special processing, high-purity ceramic coating


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Cooking with steam and keeping in a vacuum

What is a triple low pressure system?

The triple low pressure system of the Happycall IH vacuum pot, which is made of Happycall’s exclusive technical skills, such as the steam adjustment weight that controls pressure, strong silicon packing, and locking handle. This Happycall technology revives the intrinsic taste and nutrition of food material, and keeps it in a vacuum.

One-touch vacuum control valve

The one-touch vacuum valve, which can be opened and closed by one hand, helps convenient cooking by adjusting steam automatically. It also keeps the taste and scent for a long time by keeping a vacuum state after cooking.

Advanced Alumite special processing + High-purity ceramic coating

The same special Alumite processing is applied to the inside and outside.
High-purity ceramic coating is also applied to resist against scratch and abrasion after Alumite processing.
In addition, the pot keeps the strong anti-corrosion characteristics when cooking Korean food that is normally salty such as the kimchi stew and bean stew, and has the excellent nonstick function and cleaning power.

IH full-casting body

The full-casting body cooks food evenly, using excellent radiant heat.
Also, the advanced IH method is applied for delicious food cooking with self-heating of the full casting body and high heat conductivity.

Soft and strong handle locking device

The lid locking device attached to the handle at both ends holds the stainless lid strongly, and increases sealing power at the same time, which enables fast and delicious cooking.

Silicon packing stainless lid

The special silicon packing applied to the stainless lid increases the sealing power of the pot even further, and enables the user to use the pot in a sanitary way, as the packing can be separated for cleaning. In addition, the standing function is applied, so that the kitchen can be utilized more efficiently.