IH Vacuum Pot


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One touch Vacuum Control Calve

A special one touch silicon vacuum control valve can be operated with one hand and automatically controls steam to cook more conveniently. The Vacuum Pot creates an airtight space to more efficiently cook food with steam and enhance taste.

High-tech Alumite Special Method

Alumite is the cutting edge 8-step method used in airplanes,ships, and semiconductors. The Alumite method provides high anti-corrosive properties coupled with strong durability. It also applies high purity ceramic coating so it protects against scratches and abrasions. It is also easy to clean.

Handle lock & Silicone Gasket Lid

The handles the Vacuum Pot with its cap lock feature is engineered to be used with the unique special silicone gsaket applied to the tempered glass lid. The special silicone gasket and handle lock makes the Vacuum Pot airtight allowing food to be stored without leakage or loss of flavour.

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