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Fermentation science 2.0
Fermentation science 2.0, an advance from the ULA maturation algorithm of fermentation science to activate the healthy lactobacillus of kimchi, provides a 20% increase in the creation of amino acids in comparison with competitors, improving the taste as well as the nutritional value of kimchi.Maturation mode depending on kimchi type (cabbage/radish/watery plain)
Fermentation science technology makes it possible to provide optimal temperature and moisture depending on the character of each kimchi type (cabbage, radish, watery plain) thereby allowing it to mature into tasty and highly nutritious kimchi.1 compartment
Unlike general refrigerators, this dimchae model adopts a direct cooling system wherein the surface of a reservoir itself is cooled to a constant temperature and 1 compartment with the top opening and closing type, allowing the user to both mature and store kimchi, and also keeps cooling air tightly, enabling the kimchi to be kept fresh for a long period of time.Storage for kimchi
It accurately reproduces the temperature and function for kimchi storage of dimchae.

Storage for vegetables/fruits
The direct cooling system maintains the optimum temperature for fresh vegetables/fruits storage, allowing the innate taste, smell, moisture and the like to be preserved for a long time.

Long term storage
This mode automatically recognizes the temperature of kimchi depending on its position in a reservoir, allowing fresh pickled kimchi to be stored for a long period of time. If you use the long term storage mode for kimchi, you can taste fresh kimchi for 2~3 months longer than when general mode is used.

Storage for purchased kimchi
This storage system considers the maturation degree of purchased kimchi during its distribution path, and allows the fresh storage of purchased kimchi as well.

Storage in fresh frozen
For the long term storage of meat/fish, this mode doesn’t freeze hard, thus avoiding the destruction of tissue leading to the deterioration of taste, and minimizes the time and effort required for thawing.

Air curtain of cooling air
Thick cooling zone between doors and reservoir minimizes the inflow of outward air and the outflow of inward cooling air, to keep kimchi fresh.

Strong deodorization
Compulsory inhaled cooling air is passed through the strong oxidizing deodorant working at low temperature, removing the smell of kimchi and foods.

EZ clean
With the simple press of a button, defrosting can be performed. All you need to do is press the EZ clean button, wait until the frost melts and then wipes out the moisture. (Please remember to remove all food from the reservoir when you activate EZ clean mode.)

Indicating the remaining time for maturation
If you choose the fermentation science option, it indicates the remaining time for maturation, showing the status of its progress for user convenience.

Soft-touch type door
The door closes softly, preventing hand injuries.
Within a certain range, it closes automatically, preventing the leakage of cooling air.

Linear compensation mode for outward air
Regardless of exterior temperature, this function minimizes the temperature change inside the reservoir, preventing the deterioration of kimchi and foods.

Compensation mode for power failure
Even in the event of a power failure, this smart function remembers the previous setting of maturation and storage mode, and provides the automatic setting after the power is recovered.

Digital electronic valve with low noise
By adopting an advanced valve that dramatically reduces the noise generated from the valve in the passage of cooling air when transferring converted refrigerant to other compartments, it minimizes snapping noise or noisy operation, allowing a remarkably silent kitchen.

Lock/unlock function
To change the storage mode, press and hold the unlock button for about 3 seconds. This lock/unlock function prevents children from operating the kimchi refrigerator.

Self-diagnosis mode
This function provides self-diagnosis, and in the event of trouble, sounds an alarm to prevent the deterioration of foods in advance.

Eco-friendly new refrigerant and foaming agent
Eco-friendly new refrigerant and foaming agent are used to avoid contributing to problems such as the destruction of the ozone layer and air pollution.

Freshness container for dimchae
Refined design, transparent cover, and excellent airtight sealing allow the storage of fresh kimchi, and convenient structure for opening-closing and a strong handle allow more convenient use.

Door safety call
If the door is open for more than 3 minutes, an alarm will sound to prevent the loss of cooling air from inside of the reservoir.


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