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Intelligent Plus fermentation science
In addition to the Intelligent 3G+ fermentation science, which provides the delicious taste of kimchi year-round with tailored maturation by measuring the kimchi’s temperature, new maturation features for different kimchi types have been added. You can taste healthy kimchi with upgraded fermentation science that monitors the temperature of different kimchi’s by type, such as cabbage, watery plain and radish, and then automatically regulates the maturation time.Top cooling system
Warm air goes up and cool air goes down. Considering that the refrigeration mechanism generates heat, it is located at the top of the reservoir so that it doesn’t influence the temperature-sensitive kimchi inside.Independent cooling for each room 
Independent cooling technology, which is realized with three independent compressors for each of the upper/middle/lower compartments, makes it possible to finely control the temperature of each compartment in accordance with its setting, keeping kimchi and vegetable/fruits fresher.Independent deodorization for each compartment
Each of the upper/middle/lower compartments has a strong deodorizing carbon filter to capture and remove the smell of kimchi and other foods.Antimicrobial gasket
The germ protection gaskets, which are made from antimicrobial material, block both the inflow of air from outside and the outflow of inward cooling air, keeping kimchi and fresh foods clean and fresh.Kimchi storage mode (strong/normal/weak)
Indirect cooling system keeps the kimchi as fresh and tasty as it should be.Hidden & touch display
Hidden display hides infrequently used menus, and can be operated by touch, providing a luxurious and neat design while saving electric charges.3-dimensional fresh cooling system
Each shelf has hidden outlets for cooling air at both sides, so the flow path for cooling air is designed to cover two containers, and flow from side to center and top to bottom. As a result, the inside of each room maintains a constant temperature, keeping food fresh for a long time.Refrigerator/Freezer conversion mode
It can be switched between refrigerator and freezer mode according to the user’s needs. You can change it to refrigerator mode if more space for refrigerating foods is required, or change it to freezer mode if more space for freezing foods is required in summer.

Freshness cover
Freshness cover in each shelf keeps cooling air one more time to maintain a constant temperature, thus helping kimchi to be in its best state. Freshness cover, which is operated by sliding, allows the container for kimchi to be pulled out more conveniently.

Power-saving LED lamp
LED installed inside the upper compartment makes it easier to take out kimchi and foods at night.

Translucent Ez container
Since the container for the upper compartment is highly airtight and translucent, the contents inside can easily be confirmed without taking it out.

Direct cooling type drawer
By employing the direct cooling system, as in the top opening and closing type dimchae, it not only shows an excellent storage capability for kimchi but also aids moisture retention in vegetables/fruits, keeping their freshness and nutrients intact. Furthermore, automatic defrosting mode prevents the occurrence of frost, so you never need to worry about defrosting.

Automatic defrosting mode
Since the whole reservoir of each upper/middle/lower compartment has an automatic defrosting mode to prevent the occurrence of frost, there is no need to worry about frost.

Strong structure of two-layered steel rail
Unlike typical rails, which can contract or expand depending on temperature change and are inconvenient to open or close, the strong two-layered steel rail provides safety even with the temperature change, and stably supports heavy kimchi containers to allow soft opening and closing, offering a unique and excellent sense of use.

100% available drawer 
By situating the cooling equipment at the top, the space of the lower drawer is made 100% available for storing foods.

Air curtain zone of full cooling air 
Since a certain distance between drawers and a reservoir is kept to form a thick cooling zone for sustained cooling, temperature variation inside the drawers is reduced, and a constant temperature is maintained. Kimchi can be frozen without the air curtain zone of cooling air, because it is the required space for saving the fresh taste of kimchi for a long time.

Vegetables/fruits storage mode (strong/normal/weak)
Unlike general refrigerators, this model adopts a direct cooling system to maintain the optimum temperature and humidity for vegetables/fruits storage, preserving the innate taste, smell, moisture and the like for a long time.

Door safety call
If the upper door is open for more than 3 minutes, the door safety call will sound to prevent the loss of cooling air from inside of the reservoir.

Neatly divisible partition (cross-shaped)
Cross-shaped partition for storage is employed to store vegetables, fruits and the like more neatly.

Ez container
By adopting a container with 4-directional opening and closing that can be operated with one touch, the container can be opened and closed inside the reservoir without taking it out, making it more convenient to take kimchi out of the container.

Pocket handle
Simple handle design with a pocket shape protects children from the risk of injury.

Easy-clean handle
Round trimmed handle with a pocket shape makes cleaning more convenient.

Silent door
By employing damping hinges, the door is opened softly. Even when the door is slammed shut, it is closed silently and softly.

Tempered glass shelf 
Strong and breakage-resistant shelf made of tempered glass is stable, even when holding a heavy pot. Its height can be adjusted, and it is also detachable.

Linear compensation mode for external temperature
Even in an environment such as a porch or a multi-purpose room that is subject to extreme temperature change, this function minimizes the temperature change inside the reservoir to prevent the deterioration of kimchi and foods.

Compensation mode for power failure
Even in the event of a power failure, this smart function remembers the previous setting of maturation and storage mode, and provides the automatic setting after the power is recovered.

Self-diagnosis mode
This function provides self-diagnosis in the event of trouble, and in the event of such trouble, sounds an alarm to prevent the deterioration of foods in advance.

Digital electronic valve with low noise 
By adopting an advanced valve that dramatically reduces the noise generated from the valve in the passage of cooling air when transferring converted refrigerant to other rooms, it minimizes snapping noise or noisy operation, allowing a remarkably silent kitchen.

Lock/unlock function
To change storage mode, press and hold the unlock button for about 3 seconds. This lock/unlock function prevents children from operating the kimchi refrigerator.

Eco-friendly new refrigerant and foaming agent
Eco-friendly new refrigerant and foaming agent are used to avoid contributing to problems such as the destruction of the ozone layer and air pollution.

Power-saving inverter system
Since a control system is adopted that employs variable volume and operation according to the extent of temperature changes depending on the circumstances, it is possible to reduce electricity use by precisely setting the optimum temperature, thereby making the storage fresher.

Safety door keeping cooling air inside
If a drawer is pushed within the region of 5 cm from a reservoir, it is automatically locked shut and adhered by antimicrobial gaskets to block the leakage of cooling air.

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AS/NZS 60335.2.24:2010 Inc A1, AS/NZS 60335.1:2011 Inc A1-3