Kiturami Carbon mat Single


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Better energy saving solution with Kiturami Carbon mat

Ondol Kiturami Carbon Mat for comfortable sleep without electromagnetic wave

  • Aramid carbon heating wire applied great durability with new material
    Aramid material is 5 times higher than steel in strength, heat resistence and elasticity and durable protection
    with special cover prevents wire cutting incident.
  • Less electricity with high efficiency carbon mat
    71% less than normal mat
  • EMF certification for electromagnetic stability ensures safety against electromagnetic waves
  • Multi-fuctional smart controller
    Compared  with the normal mat ,wiring structure is simple and easy to control with attached adapter.
  • Quality sleep with sleep mode
    It is kept at 33 C for 9 hours so that you can take it to sleep and feel refreshed
  • Steaming function with steam mode
    When a hot compress is needed,the temperature is maintained at 55 C for 2 hours so that you can feel the effect of the compress,
    after which it returns to the previous set temperature.
  • Dual control system with easy connector
    Power can be turned on/off easily with easy connector on right side of mat
  • Touch display/Voice
    Easy touch control and voice guide can check the condition together
  • Dimming function
    After 30 seconds of control, the brightness switched to 20% to induce a good nights sleep with less distraction
  • Wall mounting function / Touch wake up
    Controller can be organized once mounted on the wall and a single youch will turn on the LED button to help easy control during night time.
  • Size : 105 X 200 Cm

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Dimensions 530 × 270 × 420 mm


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