KOREAN BBQ Grills – Kitchen Art Stone Multi Round with Egg Custard 40cm


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The grill is made from cast aluminum and has non-stick 5 layer stone coating.

It is very stable and also locks into place on your gas stove top or propane grill so you don’t even have a chance of sliding the whole grill pan of your heat source.

What you will like about this grill pan is that it has separated sections on the sides for your veggies. You can prepare your own fresh kimchi, roast some garlic, eggs etc. The sections are on the outer side of the pan so they do not get as hot as the middle and won’t burn your veggies while the meat cooks.

Able grill pan is a little wider than other traditional grill pan and comes in 40cm which means you can have more food one the grill at the same time.

Overall, it is a great pan with great features like having separate sections for meat and vegetables, locks at the bottom for more stability and being bigger than other grill pans.

Non stick 4 Layer Stone Coating
40 X 37 X 5 cm




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