Midea 16L Dehumidifier 3L Water Tank


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This versatile Midea dehumidifier is beautifully designed to fit most living spaces and packs some great features. It has 3 main operation modes:

  • Dryer
  • Continuous Operation
  • Smart Dehumidifying

In Dryer mode, the unit will automatically set the highest fan speed to maximise the dehumidifying function. The dryer mode will exit automatically after 10 hours. This mode is suitable for effectively drying closed and damp areas.

In Continuous mode, the dehumidifier will run according to the set humidity setting. Operation stops if the water tank is full. You can set the humidity with the + and Рbuttons in 5% increments and the display will show the set value. During operation, the display will show the actual humidity value.

Smart Dehumidifying will automatically keep the room humidity at a comfortable level of 45-55%. You can’t set the humidity in this mode.

The dehumidifier has a 0-24h on-off timer which can be used to set the unit’s time of operation in half-hour increments.

The “Turbo” function will set the fan to high speed thus speeding up the dehumidification.

This unit also sports a “Ion” button. Activating this function will ionise the air, which neutralises unwanted pollutants and dust particles making your living space even healthier.

The ample 3 litre water tank allows the unit to be operated anywhere and moving the unit is easy with its smooth rollers. With all these fantastic features, this dehumidifier is an essential addition to any home.



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