Minimi Box Pelican 2 sets


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Organise your workstation with Minimi Box Pelican 2 sets

Pelican Storage Box Multi-Purpose

Stackable Storage Containers have a straight wall design that maximizes storage space holding up to 14% more than other containers in the same space.The recessed lid ensures superior stacking while the sides with curves to ensure easy carrying as well as ease of opening. Made from durable, shatter-resistant polypropylene to keep contents contained, dry and dust-free

Pelican Storage Box Multi-Purpose Stackable Storage Containers come in a wide array of sizes, with lid options available.

Great as a Seasonal Storage Solution

Pelican Storage Box Multi-Purpose Stackable Storage Containers are an ideal choice for seasonal storage, such as holiday clothes & items, school supplies, and your wardrobe. Since the boxes are stackable, this allows you to remain organized and neat so finding the right box when it’s time is fast and easy. And with up to 14% more storage over conventional containers, you can store more using fewer boxes.

Why People Buy This?

  • Easy to access storage, stackable or use separately
  • Multi-color design allows you to customize the color arrangement of your storage system
  • Design for stationery and other home goods
  • Convenient: Open from front
  • Ergonomic Design: Lid can stay open by itself
  • Stackable Design: Able to expand and store more items


  • Shape: Rectangle with pelican shaped lid
  • Colour: Natural/Mint
  • Dimensions: 105x120x85mm
  • Security: Easy front end lid for convenience and tight security
  • Weight: 0.26kg



Additional information

Weight0.26 kg

Mint, Natural


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