Nemo Water Purifier

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The World’s 1st Entire System Disposable Tap Water Purifier

Water purifier as small as A4 paper: square mini water purifier. Cute design everywhere to match the atmosphere of the kitchen UP!
• Direct water system without water tank: Since there is no water tank in which water is stored, you can always drink clean water without worrying about bacteria.
• Eco-friendly non-power system: It is free to install and move because it does not need power supply.
• Rigid four-stage water purification system: The four-stage advanced water filter, which is the core of nemo, filters out harmful substances and leaves minerals.
• Rental NO! Full Replacement Water Purifier: A hygienic system that replaces the connected parts with a completely new water purifier after 1 year of use.

Long Lasting Use Up To 3,200L (108,204 Oz)


⦁ Size: W 21.5cm x H 30.5cm x D 8.8cm
⦁ Weight: 1.8kg
⦁ Heading: Integer
⦁ UF hollow fiber membrane type
⦁ Water purifier type and installation method: Pressure type / water connection direct connection type
⦁ Filter items: sediment filter, free carbon block filter, UF membrane filter, post carbon block filter
⦁ Effective water quantity: 3,200L


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