New Soda big peeler


Peeling is done with the minimum of fuss…

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Peeling is done with the minimum of fuss…

…peel pineapple, squash and tough skinned vegetables

peels anything

We love to cook, but peeling? – not so much. Peeling is best done with the minimum of fuss. We want a fast every day peeler that works on anything.

big peeler is an over-sized peeler with a specially developed blade designed for tackling tough vegetables. The blade is 50% larger than standard Y shape peelers and will peel something like a butternut squash in under a minute. On everyday carrots and potatoes it is very fast indeed, needing very little pressure and far fewer strokes. It will even peel a Pineapple. Designed by the influential designer Damian Evans.

“…Big Peeler is the smoothest quickest peeler we have ever used….”

big peeler is an oversized peeler that can peel anything


  • Perfect for larger tougher skinned vegetables like Squash
  • Very fast everyday peeler
  • Comfort rubber grip strips
  • Highly developed larger blade with custom grind angle
  • Angle the blade to adjust the thickness of peel as required
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Food Safe
  • BPA Free.
  • Warning: very sharp blade – always peel away from hands

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