One Touch Phone Holder

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One Touch Phone Holder

Smaller, stronger, more simple! Smartphone holder
Best selling smart phone holder/mount

Brand : FIX

Smaller, stronger, more simple! Smartphone holder with one hand!
Use it with 1 hand, Fix One Touch Mount!
Fix One Touch Mount allows mounting your phone by one hand. Yo can install it on the widescreen, dashboard anywhere you’d like!
Supports up to 6 inches!
Fix One Touch Mount supports any smartphone with displays up to 6”!
Now you don’t have to buy a new holder every time you change your phone!
You can even mount with the case on!
Move in an direction Ball Joins for 360° movement
Durable and strong ball joint with 360-dgree rotation angle is adjustable.
It provides the best angle to use confortably in any direction.
Gel-type suction cap for semi-permanent use
Using 100% natural rubber, the suction cap leaves no residue behind! Wash it with water for the to reuse again.