Pelican Storage Box Small size




Storing and organizing will always be a breeze with Pelican storage box

Pelican storage boxes are an ideal choice any reasons to store your items. With its smart ergonomic design and size variety, the container efficiently fits into any cabinets, closets and other areas. The recessed lid ensures superior stacking while the sides curve to ensure easy handling.

This box is perfect for your un-used shoes, baby toys or books that you don’t read anymore. Provide more spaces in your home and invite fresh items for new memories while treasuring the old in good condition.

Providing up to 14% more storage space over conventional containers, you can store more using less. Utilizing its stackable form, you can quickly organize your items in matter of minutes.


  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Size 28.5 X 46 X 31 cm
  • Colour: Blue / Ivory (multi-coloured to customize your storage system)
  • Convenient front end opening
  • Easy to access, stack or use separately



Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

Blue, Ivory


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