Roichen Ceramic Coating IH Multi Deep Pan – Candy Pink


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Roichen Ceramic Coating IH Multi Deep Pan

Healthy ceramic coating with non-stack makes cooking and cleaning easy
Lovely candy pink with a sweet pink color and a subtle shimmer of the sunlight

  • Pretty design
  • Real 100% beech handle
    100% real beech handle with sensual handl
    Block heat conduction to the handle. Even if the handle touches the fire with vegetable oil waterproof coating, unlike plastic materials, there is no need to worry about toxic gas emissions.
  • Natural mineral ceramic coating
    It is safe to use natural mineral ceramics of the highest grade without worrying about harmful substances and does not cause PFOA, which is harmful to the human body.
  • Pouring Rim Design
    Fans who don’t miss the design and function are able to cleanly remove food through the purring rim.
  • Air Road Method
    The air road (AIR MAZE) method, which is made by embossing the surface of the pan, strengthens the nonstick to prevent food from sticking and allows oil to spread evenly.
  • All heat sources available
  • Far-infrared emission
    Far-infrared rays are emitted by the use of natural mineral ceramic materials, which cook quickly in food, and heat conduction is fast.
  • Antibacterial
    Natural mineral ceramics inhibit bacterial growth in humid kitchens by releasing antibacterial components.
  • Size : 20cm (200x70mm , 2.8L) , 28cm(280x80mm , 4.5L)

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 320 × 180 × 120 mm

20cm, 28cm


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