Seshin Nobless Induction Double side pan


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Enhance the dignity of the kitchen.
Excellent durability, thermal efficiency, and easy cleaning.

  • Titanium fluoride coating.

It has been coated with titanium fluoride, which is durable, for use for a long time.
The titanium coating has excellent non-stick function.

  • Embossed / Grill pattern.

The surface of one side is embossed in the shape of a grill, making grill patterns such as fish and meat look more delicious.

  • Strong sealing power / magnetic lock

Between both fans, the top and bottom silicone pressure packing has strong sealing power and shortens cooking time.
There is a powerful magnetic locking device on the side where the handle contacts, so it is stable and easy to cook without a separate fixation.

  • Detachable.

Double-sided fans can be separated, making it easy to clean and can also be used as a frying pan if used alone.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 455 × 310 × 75 mm


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