Utorex Air Purification Toothbrush Sterilizer URT-120chWB


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Utorex Air Purification Toothbrush Sterilizer


  • Sterilizing Power 99.9%, Perfect sterilization, Zero propagation of germs
  • Sterilization and drying at the same time with ceramic heating plate!
  • The PTC ceramic heater method protects the toothbrush from any kind of bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus aureus!
  • Korean national toothbrush sterilizer

Utorex toothbrush sterilizer made with 100% domestic technology from a 20-year-old toothbrush sterilizer manufacturer.


Point 1

* Clean toothbrush sterilizer with air purification function

– With the air purification function, you can always maintain a clean bathroom for a more hygienic bathroom life.


Point 2

* Convenient mirror-type door

– A toothbrush sterilizer that is made with a mirror-shaped door so you can see yourself when brushing your teeth, and is beautiful in design and has a good interior effect.


Point 3

* Sterilization and drying with ceramic heater at the same time


Point 4

* More neatly with the cradle divider

– Each toothbrush has a partition, so you can use it more hygienically and neatly.


Point 5

* Convenient Toothbrush Cup

– The toothbrush cup is attached with a magnet, so it is convenient to use and store.


Point 6

* Operation Check LED Lamp

– You can easily check the operation status with the LED lamp without opening the cover.


Point 7

* Low Energy Consumption, Long Lasting Battery

– With 4W energy-saving design, even if you use it for a whole month, you can use it with confidence because of its low energy consumption rate. If you use it wireless, the battery lasts up to 25 days.


Point 8

* Conveniently placed on any wall or tile

– Using strong genuine 3M tape, it can be easily attached to bathroom glass or mirrors.

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