ZZOGRI ZC (Round-type) – A Patented Waistbelt-type Work Cushion


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Now, don’t just sit or crouch on the floor ! Use ZZOGRI to work safe and healthy !

For gardening and farm work , convenient chair ZZOGRI ,patented waistbelt type work cushion
An ergonomic chair designed to provide a safe and healthy working environment

  • A good quality highly-elastic band
  • Robust and durable finishing
  • Highly elastic PE form
  • Waterproof fabric prevented pollution / contamination
  • Strong and durable high-quality fablic

How to use

  1. Put the chair close to your butt while standing up
  2. Secure the belt by putting it around your waist (direction of your belly)
  3. Fasten the safety belt to the fastener that is located on the bottom of the chair while sitting down

Additional information

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Large (250 X 220 mm), Medium (250 X 170 mm)


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