Rent-to-Own PERIOD
(a) Rent-to-Own Period is from time equipment leaves Save Zone Ltd. until it is returned to Save Zone Ltd.
(b) No allowance whatsoever can be made for time when equipment is not in use for any reason
(c) Minimum rental period is 12 months, Early termination fee $240

(a) The equipment is agreed to be as stated on Rent-to-Own agreement form or letter
(b) The Save Zone Ltd. does not represent or warrant the equipment supplied or its capacity or it’s performance
is fit for the purpose for which the Renter requires same
(c) While every endeavour is made to supply equipment as ordered, the Save Zone Ltd. reserves the right to substitute
other designs where necessary

(d) The Save Zone Ltd. will not be responsible for any delays, accidents or loss or damage of any kind direct, indirect or
consequential which may arise through defects or breakdowns of the equipment hired

The Save Zone Ltd. will endeavour to supply equipment as ordered but cannot accept responsibility for non-delivery,
delay in delivery or inability to supply when required

The Renter accepts full responsibility for loss or damage howsoever caused from the time the equipment is delivered from
the Save Zone Ltd.s warehouse, premises or vehicle, until the equipment is returned to the Save Zone Ltd.’s warehouse,
premises or vehicle. Please note that insurance of equipment during the Rent-to-Own Period is the responsibility
of the Renter

The Renter shall only use the equipment for the purpose and within the capacity limits for which it has been designed and
will not attempt to alter, repair or modify the equipment

If any equipment is damaged or destroyed it must nevertheless be returned to the Save Zone Ltd.

If the Renter considers any equipment to be faulty as supplied he must notify the Save Zone Ltd. immediately and hire will
cease from the time such notification is received if the equipment is found to be faulty by the Save Zone Ltd.

Replacement cost any equipment or part thereof not returned on the due date will be charged to the Renters.
No credit will be allowed for any item returned after thirty days from due date of return

Rent-to-Own charges are ex our warehouse. Any freight or delivery charges incurred by the Save Zone Ltd.
on the Renters behalf will be charged to the Renter

(a) The charges for the Rent-to-Own are stated on the Rent-to-Own Agreement (GST exclusive)
(b) Unless otherwise expressly provided all Rent-to-Own charges are to be paid in full together with the deposit
as determined by the Save Zone Ltd. before the delivery is effected
(c) Additional Rent-to-Own charges at the rate quoted on the Hire Agreement for the period overdue will be made
for equipment returned after 10 am on the due date
(d) Method of payment as detailed at the time of Rent-to-Own unless otherwise arranged
(e) The Renter undertakes to pay the account in full on or before the due date. In default of such payment the Renter
undertakes to pay interest on any outstanding amount at the rate of 2% per month and to indemnify the Save Zone Ltd.
and pay collection costs plus all costs and expenses on a solicitor/client basis which the Save Zone Ltd. may incur recovering
from the Renter any overdue amount

If default exceeding seven days is made on any payment due on account of the rent, or if there is any other breach of these
Terms and Conditions then the Save Zone Ltd. reserves the right to terminate the rent period forthwith, and to take
any steps necessary to recover possession of the equipment without prejudice to the Save Zone Ltd.s rights to recover
all amounts due for rent, reconditioning, and cost for transport to Save Zone Ltd.’s store

The Save Zone Ltd. reserves the right to inspect the equipment at any time

The Save Zone Ltd. undertakes no liability whatsoever in respect of third party and similar risks or for personal injury or
for consequential damage of any kind Condition Of Goods On Return
On termination of the rent, the Renter shall deliver up the equipment, complete with all accessories, clean and in order as
delivered, to the Save Zone Ltd.

Notwithstanding that the Renter may not have signed the Rent-to-Own Agreement, the acceptance by the Renter of
any goods on hire from the Save Zone Ltd. shall in itself constitute an acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions,
and of the charges stated on the Rent-to-Own Agreement form or acknowledgment of order

Current full monthly plan price multiplied by months remaining on contract term multiplied by 60%


This agreement represents the entire agreement between the Save Zone Ltd. and the Renter.
There are no other written or oral agreements between the parties.