Daewon Electronic Warm Water Bidet DIB-J430


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The benefits of using a bidet

Statistics show that men within the 30 OECD countries spend 912 hours in the toilet and women spend 6968 hours during their life time. That’s 27,375 times for men and 206,955 times for women, each visit lasting 2 minutes in average. This shows how sanitation and health relating to the toilet visits can be a huge impact during our lives. We will briefly explain the benefits which electronic bidets can bring to your household and to your family.

Hemorrhoid and constipation prevention
Typically 8 out of 10 people have problem with Hemorrhoids and Constipation. The warm water washing and air-drying of a bidet stimulate the surrounding caplilaries, increasing blood circulation, reducing pain and creating a smoother bowel movement.

Blood lump protection
A bidet can even wash away lumps of blood with high-pressure water. This means the sensitive wrinkles of the rectal area can be washed off thoroughly.

Hypertension, obesity, disabilities, children, etc.
Blood moves to the head during a bowel movement, so people with hypertension and obesity are not able to bend to use toilet paper. A bidet is also beneficial for children and people with disabilities.

< Ceramic toilet is not included with Bidet >


In the following cases, you must consult a plumber or us before placing your order.
★ if your toilet’s water tank is placed behind the wall
★ if the size of your toilet seat is bigger or smaller than the standard size of New Zealand toilet seat
★ if the shape of your toilet seat is not a round shape

This product must be installed in accordance with AS/NZ 3500.1. which requires provision of a high hazard backflow prevention device (not supplied).

This requirement is subject to local authority inspection. Please consult with your local plumber prior to installation.


  • Standard no: AS/NZA 60335.2.84


  • Abundant water volume (450 ~ 800ml/each)
  • Hybrid heating (800W heater)
  • Wash / bidet / intensive wash
  • Oscillation / pulsation wash
  • 1 nozzle 3 ways patented nozzle structure
  • Kids wash (automatic wash / oscillating / pulsating / drying)
  • Sit bath
  • Full nozzle body self-cleansing before / after use
  • Independent button for manual nozzle cleaning
  • Full stainless steel covered nozzle
  • Occupied seat sensor
  • 12 safety devices imbedded
  • Low burn protection
  • Water / seat / dry temp. control
  • Simple and wide side panel
  • Two modes of power saving
  • Occupied seat sensor release
  • Soft closing
  • Silence mode
  • Night light
  • Occupied seat sensor
  • 12 safety devices imbedded

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 525 × 575 × 220 mm
Standard No.

AS/NZS 60335.2.84



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