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A modern toilet hygiene – have you heard of bidets?

Experience a versatile product that benefits our world and your health. Discover why bidets are such the talk of the town and is considered a hidden holy grail.

One of the most significant yet neglected cleanliness is anal hygiene. Having a bidet in New Zealand is uncommon but it is something that everyone should consider for you and your loved ones.

The three warming system (water, seat and air) provides an optimal temperature and environment for your body to relax and elevate your bathroom experience. Conveniently adjust the settings with a built in remote. The signature cleaning function of the twin nozzle will move back and forth, to thoroughly and effectively clean your delicate areas without the use of toilet papers.

Apart from its hygienic and practical benefits, this device is also considerate and clever. With built in music system, you can block out the embarrassing dropping noise why you are doing your business.No more sudden eye squints during your mid-night toilet visits. The seat cleverly detects its environment and will luminate a faint blue light so you can comfortably end your bathroom visit.

A clever device that suits anyone in any size/age and health requirements.

< Ceramic toilet is not included with Bidet >


In the following cases, you must consult a plumber or us before placing your order.
★ if your toilet’s water tank is placed behind the wall
★ if the size of your toilet seat is bigger or smaller than the standard size of New Zealand toilet seat
★ if the shape of your toilet seat is not a round shape

This product must be installed in accordance with AS/NZ 3500.1. which requires provision of a high hazard backflow prevention device (not supplied).

This requirement is subject to local authority inspection. Please consult with your local plumber prior to installation.


  • Standard no: AS/NZA 60335.2.84


  • Abundant water volume (450 ~ 800ml/each)
  • Hybrid heating (800W heater)
  • Wash / bidet / intensive wash
  • Oscillation / pulsation wash
  • 1 nozzle 3 ways patented nozzle structure
  • Kids wash (automatic wash / oscillating / pulsating / drying)
  • Sit bath
  • Full nozzle body self-cleansing before / after use
  • Independent button for manual nozzle cleaning
  • Full stainless steel covered nozzle
  • Occupied seat sensor
  • 12 safety devices imbedded
  • Low burn protection
  • Water / seat / dry temp. control
  • Simple and wide side panel
  • Two modes of power saving
  • Occupied seat sensor release
  • Soft closing
  • Silence mode
  • Night light
  • Occupied seat sensor
  • 12 safety devices imbedded

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 525 × 575 × 220 mm
Standard No.

AS/NZS 60335.2.84

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