Cuckoo 1KG Multifunctional Bread Maker CBM-AAB161S


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Turn your kitchen into an efficient at-home bakery with the 2 lb. Multi-Functional Bread Maker (CBM-AAB101S) from CUCKOO. Boasting functions for standard loaves like white bread and wheat bread to functions for preparing specialized loaves and desserts such as gluten-free loaves, yogurt, and homemade jam, this bread maker is the versatile baking tool your kitchen “kneads.” Its automatic fruit & nut dispenser will do the laborious and timely mixing for you as it will automatically dispense your mix-ins during the kneading process. An equipped delay timer will allow you to place ingredients in the baking pan up to 15 hours in advance—letting you have loaves prepared for you exactly when you want them. CUCKOO’s bread maker also features an extra-high wattage that guarantees to bake your loaves up to 20 minutes faster than other bread makers and your traditional oven. Finally, this bread maker comes with an array of different customization options such as the ability to customize your crust color from light, medium, to dark and 3 different loaf sizes to choose from.

  • BAKE YOUR FAVORITES: This versatile bread maker features 15 unique menu options including French bread, whole wheat bread, sweet bread, gluten-free bread, yogurt, cake, and more!
  • AUTOMATIC FRUIT & NUT DISPENSER: Instead of manually dispensing your mix-ins, the automatic nut dispenser will add your fruit or nuts in for you during the kneading process
  • DELAY TIMER: Choose the perfect time to enjoy your bread as the delay timer allows you to set your bread completion time up to 15 hours in advance
  • BAKERY QUALITY BREAD: Enjoy bakery-quality bread from the comfort of your home as the wide-shaped pan evenly distributes the heat, which provides a more consistent bread texture
  • QUICK BAKE TIME: Enjoy your freshly baked bread without the long wait as the high wattage bakes up to 20 minutes faster than other bread makers

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