Cuckoo Automatic Hot Water Dispenser & Warmer CWP-A501TW


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CUCUKOO changes the hydration game with it’s innovative Hot Water Dispenser & Warmer suitable for homes of every shape and life stage. A thoughtful automatic lock means you can enjoy hot water on tap in a space shared with children. A vast temperature range satisfies your specific water needs, and an easy-to-use control panel means your guests can quickly enjoy water at their preferred heat level. A convenient 5 liter capacity makes life easy, so spend more time drinking and less time filling. Revolutionary chlorine evaporation technology allows you to drink clean water, eliminating mineral build up. Enjoy convenience and effortless cleanliness with premium, stainless steel materials.

  • LARGE CAPACITY: You’ll never experience dehydration with this large capacity dispenser that holds 1L to 5L of water on hand at all times. There’s no need to wait around for your drink to warm, so make life easy with this handy water dispenser
  • WARMING TEMPERATURE RANGE: Simply fill your dispenser to the line and set it to your preferred temperature for the perfect hot water. A range of 104-185 means you won’t ever wait for your drink to cool down because you’re in control of the heat
  • CHILD-SAFETY LOCK: An automatic lock device function means the safest experience for your home. The water supply function will lock when there is no water supply. Also, water flows at a delayed start when pressing the dispense button
  • CHLORINE EVAPORATION: Tap water contains tons of hard minerals that cause build-up in a machine. Eliminate any calcification with a cholorine evaporation function that separates the chlorous substances from pure water
  • STAINLESS STEEL: Premium stainless steel with insulating technology ensures your water is kept at the perfect temperature with effortless precision

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