Egojin Cervial Memory Form Pillow – Heart


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Am I getting a Proper rest?
Even for a short-time nap . It is important to sleep in the correct posture

  • Comfortable Sleep Custom-fit
    Pillow is designed to conform to the curves of your head and neck create comfortable sleeping posture which fits your body
  • Stable Cervical C-curve support
    Ideal shape of cervical spine, maintain proper sleeping posture Provides comfort when changing positions
  • Optimal comfort Ergonomic Design
    Designed for a comfortable sleep with a curved design Reflected shoulder line for correct posture, air holes for ventilation, wide width and ear pressure relief holes
  • Low-resilience High Density Memory Foam
    Made with 50kg/m3 high-density memory foam
    Does not easily deform and has good durability even after prolonged use
  • Soft & Cozy Fabric Cover
    Excellent flexibility, breathability, elasticity and wrinkle-free Soft cotton filling inside the cover provides a comfortable and pleasant touch
  • Trustable Material
    Result of indoor radon measure
    The results of the indoor radon measurement for the pillow showed a measurement of 9Bq/m3,
    which is lower than the domestic management standard of 148Bq/m3 and the WHO management standard of 100Bq/m3.
  • Contamination-free
    Hygienic Double Cover
    Both outer & inner (waterproof) covers are completely detachable and washable
  • Size : 580 x 400 x 115 mm
  • Weight : 845g
  • Material : Inner (Polyester + TPU) , Outter (100% Polyestr)

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 590 × 390 × 450 mm



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