Grabco Tape Cleaner Long Type + 8.3M Refill


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This is a tape cleaner that will cleanly remove dust, pet hair, and hair from clothes and blankets. With excellent adhesion, it is easy to clean not only dust but also broken glass pieces and sand. You can feel safe even if you touch the skin with a water-soluble adhesive, and the adhesive surface is embossed, so you can remove foreign substances even on a curved surface. There is no adhesive treatment on the edges for easy tearing after use. Choose the Grabco Tape Cleaner, which contains a case so that various foreign substances do not stick easily and can be stored neatly.



  • It offers convenient cleaning without bending oneself when cleaning a carpet, living room or bedroom.
  • It was designed to enable a long hold without getting tired based on the ergonomic design.
  • It does not contain chemical fragrance to eliminate unpleasant feeling from fragrance.
  • It is capable of repeated use for 2-3 times because of its strong adhesive strength.
    It is economically reasonable since it can be used over 60 times per unit.
  • Due to the distinct cutting lines, it is easily cut after use.
  • It does not adhere to the floor, and completely cleans hairs, pets’ hairs or tiny dusts.
  • Its one-touch open case is easy to take out, store or make it stand. To store it is nice and easy as well.

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Dimensions 250 × 800 × 50 mm



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