mixsoon Soybean Milk Pad 10 packs


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Premium Skincare Brand For Glass Skin “Mixsoon” from Korea

mixsoon encourages the 3-layering skincare routine using pure, organic essences tailored to your skin’s daily needs.
Our commitment lies in the essence of nature, carefully employing biological processes to extract only the essential active ingredients your skin truly craves and deserves.
Listen to your skin and hear what it needs. Give it love by layering our natural, powerful essences, and experience your skin bloom its natural radiance.
Experience the joy of healthier, younger-looking skin every day.
Start your mixsoon journey today!
  • Mixsoon Soy Bean Milk Pad is not only enriched with soy-derived lactobacillus but also incorporates five Korean-made ingredients that enhance its calming effect (Centella Asiatica Extract, Madecassoside, Houttuynia Cordata Extract, Artemisia Capillaris Extract, and tea tree).
  • There are 3 sheets in one pack. Unlike other pads that are exposed to fingers and air every day, it is individually packed for sanitary and comfortable use.
  • How to use: Clear your skin with one side and place the sheets anywhere desired on your face including neck. Remove the sheet after 10 minutes and lightly pad the essence on skin for absorption.
  • 3 each X 10 packs

How to use

mixsoon Soybean Milk Pad contains 3 pads soaked with rich nutrition and moisture from fermented beans.

Simply apply to dull, dry skin for 20 minutes to boost skin glow in the morning.
Additionally, it is recommended for makeup touch-ups as it provides moisture and leaves your skin looking refreshed when wiped away.
Suitable for a daily use, day and night.

mixsoon Soybean Milk Pad 10 packs

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