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What’s your favorite part of the day? If your answer is going home to wind down and relax your body and mind, soothe aching muscles, and give your tired legs and feet some pampering after a hard day’s work, then you’re probably among the many people who enjoy and believe in massage therapy.

Now, what if you can have that same relaxing massage on a luxurious chair right at the comfort of your own home? Does that sound too good to be true? Fortunately, this one’s for real. And things will sound even better from this point on because Bodyfriend’s top-of-the-line massage chair for sale, the Pharaoh, is out to impress just about anyone who hears about its features.

<Prestigious design>

What comes to your mind when the word Pharaoh is mentioned? If you thought of great Egyptian rulers, then you’re on the right track. Because, as its name implies, the Pharaoh massage chair will make you feel both luxury and power all in one glorious seat.

Let’s observe how this marvelous piece has been designed:

This massage chair comes wrapped in GOLD color synthetic leather upholstery. This will give you that royalty feel. Its gold shine nano-coating gives even more extra-luxurious feel, plus a quilting design inspired by the Pharaoh of Egypt.

<Powerful performance>

If you like massage sessions that feel like they have been tailored-fit to your body’s needs, then you’ll love the Pharaoh’s Premium Massage module. This massage system features back massage balls with adjustable positioning for up to five levels with the simple push of a button. Here, you can get a customized massage that allows you to set the range of the massage roller heads. So that you can control how deep these rollers push towards the contours of your body.

But the custom-feel does not end there. This massage chair also has an auto body-scanning feature that accurately locates your shoulders and adjusts the rollers accordingly. It even has a leg adjust feature (up to 8-inches) that helps it provide superb massage therapy, even to taller users.

Love a fully equipped massage chair? You’ll definitely fall in love even with its add-ons. Here’s why – It has a Zero-Gravity capability that lets you enjoy your relaxing full body massage in a (literally) whole new angle. Reclined at a 170-degree angle, your body gets a deeper massage (plus amazing benefits like spinal decompression) in this NASA-inspired position.

Know what else goes well with a massage? Heat therapy. And with the Pharaoh, you can get the benefits of heat therapy (like blood circulation and pain relief) through its adjustable back heating that can be turned up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for your heating pleasure.

Still want more? The 2nd generation Pharaoh also has Bluetooth connectivity so you can listen to your favorite tunes in its high-quality stereo speakers, while the chair kneads your muscle pain away. It also has a smart remote control that helps you easily set your massage preferences for every session.



A mystical energy generated from golden aura completes your space. Experience an overwhelming charisma expressed in good color with nano-painting techniques.


A mystical energy generated from golden aura completes your space. Experience an overwhelming charisma expressed in good color with nano-painting techniques.


PHARAOH is a prestigious selection for those with luxurious and elegant taste. Lavish craftsmanship paired with unprecedented technology. PHARAOH is equipped to gratify all the senses. A masterpiece that blends into any home, PHARAOH is an expression of confidence, refinement, and finesse.


Astronautics-inspired weightless positioning, the Zero gravity fuction reclines the body to evenly distribute gravitational pressure on th body for the ideal massage with the felling of being on cloud nine.


A space saving design. Perfect for modern compact living situations, Zero wall significantly saves spaces by automatically moving the chair forward and sliding when the chair is reclined. This allows for a more spacious living environment.


Maximizing massage experiences like never before, immerse the body with warmth using our extraordinary back and buttocks heating function.


Smart sensors placed within the interior of the leg unit perceive the relative height of the users to correctly adjust the leg length for a more precise massage course.


Six airbags compression massage the shoulders to relieve fatigue and soreness.


Magnetic acupressure air pads administer moderate compression massages to the hands. Targeted specifically at crucial acupressure points to gradually relieve body pain and ease the body into pleasurable comfort.


Remarkable Bluetooth technology to personalize and enhance massage experiences. Easily sync your mobile device with your massage chair to listen to yours favorite tunes through specially installed stereo speakers.


The extremely long S&L frame reaches the entirety of the back to even the under thigh area. With the longest massage range, the S&L frame delivers an unforgettable, thorough massage by embracing even the untouched areas of the body


Zero gravity, Ergonomic frame, Auto massage indicator, Zero wall, Auto massage modes, Full body massage, Auto leg adjust, Sole Reflexology rollers, Bluetooth connectivity, Hand acupressure pad, Language, Stereo speakers, Zipper Upholstery, Heating


  • Golf
  • Recovery
  • Examinee
  • Extend
  • Hip-up
  • Sleep
  • Refresh
  • Upper Auto
  • Lower Auto
  • Growth
  • Care
  • Brain Meditation
  • Brain Concentration
  • Elderly
  • Hangover relief
  • lymph massage
  • Shoulder/Neck

Customer Awareness

If any of the following conditions exist please let us know before purchase:

  • People who has Osteopenia, or has suffering from osteoporosis.
  • People who has heart disease.
  • People who is carrying electronic medical equipment.
  • People who get pregnant.

Additional information

Weight 142 kg
Dimensions 161 × 82 × 88 cm
Air Bags


Auto Courses

17 Courses

Auto Timer

10/20/30 min

Dimensions Reclined

175(L) X 88(W) X 88(H) cm

Dimensions Upright

154(L) X 88(W) X 120(H) cm

Heating Temp

Max 60 º C

Massage Ball


No of Kneading

21-38 times/min

No of Tapping

320 – 560 times/min

Power Supply

230-240V / 50Hz

Reclining Back Angle

115º – 170 º

Reclining Leg Angle

0 º – 90 º




Synthetic Leather / ABS