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Heat loss of stir-fried food

The cooking speed varies depending on the type of material.
Since you need to keep stir-frying, you need to order the ingredients you put in
because I have to make it right
I can’t close the lid.
I’m going to have to figure out the best course of heat loss.
What we couldn’t do was reality.
*Close the cover of the non-stick pan, so there is no heat

Unnecessary seasoning of steaming dish

In case of steaming, like the pot
Because you can’t open it.
The seasoning is one side only.
There’s a lot of emphasis.
an unnecessary time
We needed a lot of seasoning.
*The BBpan automatically mixes the seasoning to reduce the loss.

Barbecue of trouble

meat with a high flavor of meat
To eat, it’s more than 500 degrees.
You can taste it in charcoal.
for a lot of smoke and charcoal management.
There was an inconvenience.
*The BB Pan implements the taste of barbecue without charcoal.

A hard-boiled stir-fry

In professional cooking, it’s more than five degrees.
Put the wok and heat to one side.
in a way that doesn’s not to burn
I’m going to have to work on it.
It can be cooked for a long time.
Fry the BB Pan automatically with a button.
  • BB Pan Complementing the Defects of Existing Cooking
Cooking is easy and makes it taste like an expert.
  • Cook software design company specializing in premium.
We promise you the taste of cooking with technology and know-how.
  • Automatic cooking with a single switch
The inner swivel bar moves when the lid is closed to preserve heat.
  • Patented technology for preserving flavor
Steam and barbecue cooking point and automatic cooking with minimal heat loss

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Dimensions 365 × 365 × 165 mm


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