Egojin FX Elliptical


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Exercise quietly and smoothly, as if walking on clouds

  • Your knee joints will feel comfortable because there’s no impact coming from the floor
  • With the detachable flexibar, you can also enjoy upper body strength exercises
  • It sleeks design and compact size make it easy to place anywhere in your home without taking up much space
  • Adjusting the exercise intensity allows everyone to work out at their own pace
  • A sturdy frame structure for stable and secure workouts
  • A 5kg drum wheel provides sufficient weight for home use
  • Check your exercise data and enjoy your workouts even more by syncing with your smart device
  • The anti-slip foot pedals help you exercise safely
  • Four bottom dampers absord shock and finely adjust the horizontal level
  • Easy-moving transport wheels


  • Elliptical are beneficial for joint health as they don’t put pressure on the knees
  • The exercise involves moving the lower body muscles, aiding in functional movement of the muscles
  • It helps improve cardiovascular function through increased heart rate during pedaling and subsequent recovery
  • It enhances metabolic function through aerobic respiration,aiding in fat reduction
  • Size : 945 x 608 x 1635 mm
  • Weight : 36.2 kg
  • Max weight capacity : 110 kg

Additional information

Weight 41.5 kg
Dimensions 1600 × 70 × 53 mm



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