Lacena Plus Griddle Grill Pan




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  • GRIDDLE POPULAR IN KOREA – The most popular griddle design in Korea recently! With slightly sloped to center of the pan, it collects oil and you can fry kimchi, garlic or rice there. 5-ply eco-friendly marble coating helps you cook like a professional chef without scorching and sticking on the pan. Enjoy Korean style BBQ on UPIT Korean Nonstick Round Griddle with your family and friends!
  • AVAILABLE FOR ALL HEAT SOURCES – Compatible with all stovetops, induction, grill, hot plate, and electro. Due to portable light weight body, you can cook wherever you want, indoor dinner and outdoor camping. High quality 5-ply coating and thick die-casting aluminum body make your cuisine juicy and flavorful wherever you use this pan!
  • BEST CAMPING & KITCHEN FRIEND – It is light enough, and the box has a handle that you can carry it wherever you go. Die-casting sturdy body can be used for a long time, and finely carved oil roads produce the best nonstick function. It is also perfect for stir-frying or roasting in the kitchen! Nonstick flat design is also suitable for roti tawa or crepe pan. Please watch the video of an oil-free fried egg flying in the wind, and you feel how good the non-stickiness of the pan is.
  • 5-PLY COATING IS EASY TO CLEAN & SAFE – Thanks to the best nonstick function, you have no worries to scratch and wash away the residue. Just soak it in the water enough, rub it with soft cloth or sponge and that’s it! Heavy duty 5-ply marble coating reduces your anxiety to change the pan that peels off easily. Our coating technology is strictly tested and passed, 100% PFOA/PFOS and harmful heavy metals free. Enjoy safe and memorable cooking experience with UPIT!
  • MADE IN KOREA – Reliable and passionate R&D for high-quality product from original Korean company. We provide you the maturity and confidence with years of experience in kitchenware.


  • 34cm : 34 x 43 (inc Handle) x 5 cm
  • 38cm : 38 x 48 (inc Handle) x 5 cm


  • 34cm : 140g
  • 38cm : 150g

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 450 × 450 × 50 mm



34cm, 38cm


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