PN Gravity Casting PC Commercial Pressure pot


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Enjoy homely meals even at restaurants

Casting Pressure Cooker (commercial Use)
The cooker’s fast heat transferal rate and excellent heat retention saves energy and reduces cooking time.
Available in various sizes to suit your needs.
a built-in lever handle safety device to ensure your safety.

Gravity Casting
Gravity casted products contain many fine pores that ensure excellent thermal conductivity and heat retention.
The product is 5 mm thicker that regular pressure cookers, allowing better heat transfer and less sticking.

Handmade since 1954
A luxury handmade product designed by craftsmen.
PN is the only manufacturer of gravity casted pressure cookers in Korea.

Advanced Precision
Every products is delicately processed during manufacturing using techniques with advanced precision to ensure the most perfect results.

Handle Safety
The lever-type handle(safety exhaust) device, the product can be used more safely and conveniently.

Shortened Cook Times
Cooking time is shortened whilst nutrients destruction is minimized to preserve the natural taste and aroma of the ingredients.

Various Size
Various sizes are available to suit your cooking needs.

Relax with our 5-Ply safety Design
Through PN’s reliable 5 ply safety device, it is able to be used by anyone.

Weight signal
The instrument is designed so that when the ideal pressure is reached, the devise adjust to maintain it.

Safety Valve
If there is a build up too much pressure, the valve will dscharge the excess safely.

Handle Lock
If the latch to open the lid of the device is not completely closed, pressure will not be generated.

Safety Packing
If the pressure is unable to be released normally, the packing is turn upside down to allow steam to be safely vented.

Signal Nut
If the safety device is fastened, it will prevent dogging.


  • 32cm , 13L , 25 servings
  • 34cm , 16L , 30 servings
  • 37cm , 20L , 39 servings
  • 40cm , 23L , 50 servings
  • Material : Aluminium Gravity Casting, Soft Anodizing
  • Component : Body, Lid, Weight signal, Sealing Ring
  • Safety Certification : A032H001-7002


  • Please read this safety manual before using the product
  • Be careful when heating with a stronger flame than necessary as the flame may rise and burn the handle of the pressure cooker
  • Do not disassemble the product on your own as failure and safety issue may occur
  • If the product is damaged, it may rupture and cause burns
  • Specification of parts and products are subject to change without notice for quality improvement

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25 servings – 13L, 30 servings – 16L, 39 servings – 20L, 50 servings – 23L


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