SelfDiyLab Tempcare topper Giant Queen


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Have a warm night without an electric blanket!!

Affordable, high-density toppers with high-quality materials and soft touch
Light but warm, fluffy cotton and wool toppers for a good night’s sleep

Good for

  • A person who is sensitive to cold
  • A person with a hard time using an electric pad
  • A person worried about heating bills
  • A hard sleeper

The self-heating topper is a triple-structured functional bedding that combines premium sanding fabric + warm synthetic cotton + wool material.
Internal synthetic fillers with high heat retention can self-insulate without electricity and have high heat retention.

Light but warm

The self-heating topper is made with soft cotton for a good night’s sleep.

Heat from the body is absorbed by the internal filler -> the temperature of the self-heating topper -> the heat of the higher temperature is absorbed to make it warmer.

Each corner has a fixing band, which can be fixed so that it does not move by inserting it into the mattress.

Excellent breathability and resiliency

Size : 150 × 200 cm

Colour : Grey


Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 500 × 500 × 200 mm



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